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One Direction: Liam Grin
So my birthday is tomorrow and .... meh. I work all day which I'm kinda excited about, I'd rather be at work with my friends then at home.

Patrick broke up with me two weeks ago and we still live together so it's been rough. We're working on being friends again and I'm moving into a new apartment with my friend Christy. And to top it all off, since I've been so stressed and wrecked about the break up my immune system bottomed out so I got an upper respitory infection and had to go to the hospital to get antibiotics. As soon as that was cleared up I had a horrific allergic reaction to something (I'm thinking Eel sushi, it was my first time having it) and broke out in hives head to toe. So last night I got a shot of steroids in my tushie to clear it up. Bright side is that the hives have cleared up. :D

So I think I'm going to go see Catching FIre tomorrow night with Patrick or some friends. Meh.


One Direction: Liam Grin
Well Patrick and I were going to go to Universal today, but couldn't be bothered. Will probably go next weekend. We spent the day watching movies, cuddling, and then his friend came over and we grilled on the apartment patio and had a nice dinner.

Tomorrow starts my school week back in the lovely world of college. Is it over yet? D:


Woohoo date day!

One Direction: Liam Grin
Heading out to Universal tomorrow with the boyfriend and having a lovely date day. <3


Let the job hunt begin!

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On the hunt for a new job, left mine because my coworkers were driving me crazy and harassing me. :(

Bright side finally got to see Robert Kazinsky's fine ass in Pacific Rim! I loved it! And more of him tonight for True Blood.
And now I shall spam gifs. :D




Josh Hutcherson: Unf
AAAAAAAAH! Interview at Margaritaville tomorrow! WOOHOO! I'm so excited for my second Universal Interview! :D

Zee Hobbit!

Josh Hutcherson: Unf

Broke down and bought The Hobbitt: An Unexpected Journey on BluRay last night and am watching it now because I just couldn’t wait for the extended version anymore. Expect Spams of hobbit related things on my Tumblr. Also DAMN Richard Armitage is sexy. Unf. Even when he had that mullet in Robin Hood.


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I'm so sick of my job. I love working in a smoke shop but I'm just sick of the people. I overheard them talking shit about me, remembering any tiny fuck up I've made, and for the first time they made me cry. Patrick was livid and showed up at work to check on me.
Dreading work tonight. Starting a job hunt and hoping the money I'm making doing fetish video work will help the bills even more until I can quit the shop. :<


Woohoo new place

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Patrick and I moved into a new apartment last week and I'm in love with it, it has high vaulted ceilings and a fireplace, which I'm not sure why we have one because this is Florida and it's only cold for a week during our 'winter' Heh. So here are some pictures of the move and our new apartment. I'm waiting to finish unpacking and cleaning up before I take pictures of the place all moved into :D

Our new building
Image heavy!Collapse )



Josh Hutcherson: Unf
Thursday was Patrick and I's one year anniversary. I can't believe it's been this long already. I really am head over heels in love with him. We're moving on the 3rd into a new place, we got an apartment with a really nice view. As much I can't wait to move in, I really hate packing. But I can't wait to have a place that is just 'ours'. <3


I'm officially moving.

One Direction: Liam Grin
I got the call from school. I leave for Job Corps in Prestonburg Kentucky on the 14th of next month. Time to start sorting through all of my stuff and packing.


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